Windows 7 Gadgets

I have a few gadgets I am using.

minibrowser 0.7

This allows you to display a webpage on your desktop all the time. You can define the size and the update frequency. I am using this as a dashboard of sorts. I can have small webpages that show my adsense earnings, google analytics, etc., and display those pages directly on my windows 7 desktop with this gadget.

I was really struggling with this, as my scroll bars kept returning on every home page reload. I contacted the author of the gadget, and his reply is below. This solved my problem.

Please hide the scrollbars and only then click the "Set as Home Page" button (Or press Alt+S). This way minibrowser will hide the scrollbars every time the home page is reloaded.

The "Set as Home Page" button saves the whole state of the gadget, including the current URL, the scrollbars visibility, the scrollbars position, the zoom factor etc. So the next time the home page is reloaded, it will recall not only the URL, but the state of the interface as well.